With the 4 ferries around the Isefjord

Explore the land of the fjord with the 4 ferries

You will hardly find an area in Denmark with greater and more varied natural beauty than the landscape by the fjord, with miles and miles of sandy beaches, forests and parks, manors and churches, villages and towns, as well as its many galleries, sights and attractions.
“Taking the trip around the Isefjord with the 4 ferries” is a treat for all of your senses. Make a stop at one of our fine restaurants and cafés, and taste the ”Gold” of the Isefjord, the world-famous shrimp Palaemon adspersus, better known as the fjord shrimp. Take a sip of local beer from the new micro breweries or enjoy the tasty vegetables of the Lammefjord.

The 4 ferries trip around the Isefjord

Take a cycling or hiking trip around the Isefjord, with a total length of about 100 km. Start in the charming city of Holbæk and take the ferry from Holbæk to the Island Orø, the perle of the Isefjord. After exploring Orø, you can take the ferry from Orø to Hammer Bakke, and follow the Fjordsti (Fjord street) along the beautiful shore, all the way up to Kulhuse. At Kulhuse, take the ferry from Kulhuse to Sølager, where there is a short distance to the next ferry from Hundested to Rørvig. The longest stretch of the route takes you from Rørvig and back to Holbæk, but the route will provide you with endless views of the fjord and give you plenty of opportunities to explore small villages and other attractions along the way. 

The 4 ferries go between the following cities: 

  • Holbæk-Orø
  • Orø-Hammer Bakke
  • Kulhuse-Sølager
  • Hundested-Rørvig

Tickets to the 4 ferries

A ticket for the 4 ferries will give you one trip on each ferry. The ticket does not have to be used on the same day. You must also purchase a ticket for your bicycle and car. Tickets can be purchased on all the 4 ferries and in Turist Information in Holbæk, Ahlgade 1C, 4300 Holbæk.  

Download the brochure "With the 4 ferries around the Isefjord

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