Brorfelde Observatory

Experience starry nights, like you've never seen them before

In the picturesque hills of Brorfelde, in Holbæk municipality, you will find Denmark's largest astronomical observatory. 

Explore the universe and the starry skies at the largest atronomical observatory in Denmark. Here - far from the city lights - the stars shine bright and clear. In the evening the stars light up the skies and stimulate your curiosity and imagination. 

During the day, the stunning hilly landscape of Brorfelde invites you to explore the area and learn about everything from heaven to earth. The hilly countryside will take you back in time to the ice Age, whereas the dome shaped buildings with massive telescopes will allow you to discover technological and astronomical developments of our time. 

Brorfelde is a discovery centre for children and adults. A visit to the observatory is bound to stimulate your senses as you explore the observatory and the surrounding landscape.

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Observator Gyldenkernes Vej 19
4340 Tølløse


+45 72 36 23 45



Longitude : 11.667905
Latitude : 55.623498