Autumn at Brorfelde Observatory

The hills of Brorfelde

Photo: Joe Kniesek

The area south of Holbæk is sometimes called the Zealand Alps or Brorfelde Bakker, because of the beautiful, hilly landscape - a unique glacial landscape with lakes, unique views, golf courses, farm shops, and Denmark's largest star observatory.

The landscape at Brorfelde hills

Brorfelde hills is a great place for family outings. It is a unique glacial landscape with large, flat-topped hills. Between the hills you will find the lakes Maglesø, Grøntved lake and Igelsø - there is a beautiful hike around Maglesø. Brorfelde hills consist of the hills Lundsbakke (93 m), Væverbakke (86 m) and the hill with the star observatory (90 m). The hills are full of forests and fields.

Denmark's only protected darkness

On one of the Brorfelde hills you will find Denmark's largest star observatory, Brorfelde Observatory. The area around the observatory is the only place in Denmark where the darkness itself is protected. This makes it the best place to go stargazing! Brorfelde is a popular place for families with children, as they can explore wonders of astronomy, geology and biology through fun activities and guided tours. 

Brorfelde Observatory

Explore the world of astronomy, geology and biology in Denmark's largest star observatory.


The hilly landscape at Brorfelde makes it a perfect location for a golf course. Play golf in the beautiful hilly countryside of the Mid-Zealand Golf Club, where there is also a cozy café. If you are on a golf holiday, you can also spend the night at the golf club.

Farm shops

Just a short car ride from the Brorfelde hills, you'll find two farm shops. 

Near the village Kvanløse, lies The Little Farm Shop, which sells fresh vegetables, as well as things for your home and garden. The Little Farm shop also has a cozy café with organic coffee and homemade buns and cakes. In the summer, a children's theater is played for the very little ones in the old stables. 

Inside the village Kvanløse, lies the slightly different farm shop, Farm shop Enggaarden. The farm shop specializes in large garden pots that can survive the cold Danish winters. Here, you will find pots in all shapes and sizes, as well as sandstone lamps and other items for the home.