View of the harbour from Restaurant SuRi i Holbæk

The harbour city Holbæk

Photo: Ricky Molloy

The harbour city Holbæk, by the Danish fjord Isefjord, is the biggest city in North West Zealand. The harbour oozes of maritime culture with boat trips and restauration of old wooden ships. Explore the city’s attractions, from Holbæk Museum to the Turkish bath, murals and the egg museum.

Discover Denmark’s maritime heritage on the harbour of Holbæk

On Holbæk’s harbour, you can explore Denmark’s maritime heritage and experience life as a sailor 100 years ago. On the harbour, historical wooden ships will take you on sailing and fishing trips. Meanwhile, on the shores, you can watch while Denmark’s National Museum restores a 100 year old galeas. In the gourmet restaurant SuRi, you can taste the flavours of the fjord and enjoy a view of the harbour from the terrace.

Maritime experiences in Holbæk

Restaurant SuRi

Restaurant SuRi is a gourmet restaurant with an outdoor terrace and a view of the harbor in Holbæk. The chefs are passionate about locally sourced goo...

The ketch Hjalm

A Trip with the Hjalm is a unique experience. A fine alternative to the village hall when throwing a party. Sail out on the Fjord and experience a be...

Historical ships on the harbour of Holbæk

Explore the many wooden, historical ships on the harbour of Holbæk.

Unique attractions in Holbæk

In Holbæk you’ll find some of Zealand’s most unique and sometimes overlooked attractions. With a view of the fjord, you can treat yourself in a unique Turkish bath with hamam and outdoor basins. In the city center, you will discover huge murals on the walls – get a guided tour by Holbæk Art. The city also has its own brewery, which you can taste inThe Brewery No 5. During the summer, you can cool down in the harbour bath Venedig, which is used for winter bathing during winter.

Turkish Bath by the fjord

Experience a unique bathing environment that combines the Viking culture and the oriental culture.

Holbæk Art: Murals in Holbæk

Holbæk Art is the city of Holbæk's unique collection of murals.

Søbadet Venedig: Open air swimming in Holbæk

"Søbadet Venedig" is an open air bathing pool with lots of activities for both children and adults. Entrance is free, so therefore you can freely use ...

The Brewery No 5

Visit the local brewery and restaurant in Holbæk with live music and a cozy atmosphere.

Shopping and cafés in Holbæk

The biggest city in North Zealand, Holbæk, offers great shopping opportunities. Go shopping in the charming streets of the medieval city and take a break in the city’s many cafés. You can, for example, taste traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches in Café Svanen or healthy salat bowls in Café Maaltid.

In Holbæk, you’ll find all the traditional Danish shops: buy Danish Design in Bahne and Imerco, books in Bog & Idé, beauty products in Matas, and Scandinavian fashion in shops like Neye, Skoringen, Vero Moda, Vila and Tøj Eksperten. You can also explore the many alternative shops in Holbæk, like the wine expert Vinoble and the outdoor specialist Pro-Outdoor, as well as the unique shops in the courtyard Gendarmergården on the street Smedelundsgade.

Other cafés: Café Korn, Café Zehros and Café Isabella.

Cafés in Holbæk

Café Svanen

Traditional Danish food and live music every friday.

Learn about the history of Denmark

In Holbæk both children and adults can learn about the history of Denmark through fun activities.

Experience the German occupation and liberation of Denmark during the 2nd World War and life in the 1940s in the historical village Nyvang, where history is explained through fun activities and interactive theater.

Visit Holbæk Musuem, where you can dive into the history between West Zealand and the West Indies, the medieval city Holbæk and the popular ceramics manufacturer Knabstrup Keramik. 

In Holbæk, you'll also find Denmark's only egg museum, Æglageret, which is also an art exhibition and a design shop. The museum shares the story about how we stored eggs before the invention of the fridge. 

Historical attractions in Holbæk

The Cooperative Village Nyvang

Step into the time machine and experience the history of Denmark unfold in the co-operative village Nyvang. In this small village, just 5k from Holbæk, both adults and children can experience life in the 1900s.

Holbæk Museum

In Holbæk Museum you can explore historic buildings, the Danish history with the West Indies and the famous Knabstrup ceramics.

Æglageret: Art and egg museum

Æglageret is a unique art and history museum. One the one hand, it is an art museum, and on the other, it is Denmark’s only egg museum. During your visit, you can also the unique things in the arts and crafts shop.

Holbæk – a city for the sporty type 

Holbæk has become a city for the sporty type - those of you, who loves sports and adrenalin boosting experiences. In Holbæk's sports city, you can go swimming in the indoor pool and rent squash and padel fields. Almost right next to the sports city, you can try gokarts and in the outskirts of Holbæk, you'll find a big tree climbing park.

Additionally, Holbæk is also a great place to begin thebicycle route around the Isefjord with 4 ferries, which takes you all around the Isefjord and is connected by 4 ferries. 

GoMonkey Climbing Park in Holbæk

GoMonkey Holbæk Climbing Park is one of West Zealand's biggest adrenalin rushes.

Holbæk Go-Kart Land

An action packed and adrenalin-boosting experience for the entire family.

Around the Isefjord by bike and ferries

Take the trip around the fjord Isefjord by bicycle, by car, by motorcycle or on foot.

Hotels in Holbæk

Explore all the different things to do and see in Holbæk by spending the night in one of the city's hotels. The most central hotel, Hotel Sidesporet, offers a view of the fjord, a restaurant inspired by Danish-Frensh cuisine, and the possibility of combining the hotel and the city's Turkish bath with hamam.

In the middle of the beach park, you'll find Hotel Strandparken, where you can enjoy a restaurant with an outdoor terrace, a view of the fjord and direct access to the park. From the park you are within walking distance to the harbour bath "Søbadet Venedig" and the Turkish bath.  

Hotel Strandparken

A tranquil holiday of rest, surrounded by scenic beauty and a view of the Danish fjord.

The beach park in Holbæk

The beach park in Holbæk is a beautiful park by the fjord, Holbæk Fjord, which is the southernmost park of the Isefjord.

Hotel Sidesporet

A cozy hotel in Holbæk with a view of the fjord.