The lake Skarresø in Jyderup - Nature park Åmosen | Photo Michael Knøfler

The Nature Park Åmosen

Photo: Michael Knøfler

South of Holbæk in West Zealand, you will find the Åmosen Nature Park. It is the perfect place for anyone who loves hiking, far away from the busy city life. Take a walk around the lake Skarresø and explore the many farm shops. 

Hiking routes in Åmosen Nature Park

Experience deers on Zealand

In the nature park Åmosen, you will find peace and relaxation in West Zealand's glacial landscapes. The 8000 acres is home to sea eagles, falcons and Zealand's largest deer population. A walk through this landscape will take you to forests, large lakes, swamps and a hilly landscape. Read more in the box below.

The walk around the lake Skarresø 

The lake Skarresø is surrounded by woods. Therefore, you can experience the most beautiful forest walks on the walk around the lake.  The trip 11 km.  

The path Jyderupstien

Are you up for a long hike? Explore the beautiful landscapes of West Zealand by following the path Jyderupstien.

Naturparken Åmosen

Naturpark Åmosen - Sjællands sidste vildmark. Tag på Udflugt i de ca. 8000 ha. af Naturparken Åmosen, Sjællands sidste vildmark, med et havørnepar, vandrefalke og Sjællands største kronhjortebestand.   Naturpark Åmosen byder på et varierende landskab med vandløb, søerne Tissø og Skar...

The walk around Skarresø

The lake Skarresø is 194 acres and one of the biggest lakes on Zealand. The lake is in the nature park Åmosen and surrounded by woodlands, so it is a perfect place to experience the different colours of each season.  The hiking route around Skarresø - one of Zealand's biggest lakes T...

The cycling and hiking trip Jyderupstien

Go on a hiking trip through a beautiful landscape, woods and by the lake Skarresø in West Zealand. The hiking trip along the path "Jyderupstien" is a unique way of experiencing the villages and landscapes of Zealand. Experience beautiful far-stretching views and charming villages.  You ...

Farm shops

Fill your food basket with delicious, fresh food from Åmosen Nature Park. The area is home several farm shops with unique specialty products, beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables. You can, for example, visit the farm shop in Jyderup Præstegård or Adamsgården.

The farm shop ”Jyderup Præstegård”

Colourful flowers, delicacies, and unique interior design. A small selection of all the things that can be found on the shelves in the farm shop “Jyderup Præstegård”

The Farmshop Adamsgården

Fresh berries, vegetables and local specialties from a farm shop in the outskirts of the park "Åmosen".

The old inn, Bromølle Kro

Visit one of Denmark's oldest inns: Bromølle Kro. The inn has menu & show evenings with live musc, serves traditional Danish food and is surrounded by beautiful woods. 


Bromølle Inn

Book a table at Denmark's oldest inn, Bromølle Kro.

Café Forsinket

A café with jazz music, good food and a charming interior design.

The village Jyderup

Take a break from hiking and cycling and visit the village Jyderup in West Zealand. In the old station building you will find Café Forsinket, which is driven by the entrepreneurs behind Chaplon Tea in Tivoli. The town also has a beautiful old church.