The view of the fjord by Tempelkrogen's Family Camping

Tempelkrogen and Dragerup

Photo: Tempelkrogen's Family Camping

Tempelkrogen and Dragerup are located east of Holbæk, along the Isefjordens most southern part, in a beautiful area with campsites, forests, farm shops, a marina and some of West Zealand's best restaurants.


If you love nature, then explore the area Tempelkrogen and Dragerup, which is the most southern park of the Danish fjord, Isefjord. Here, you can go on a picnic in the Munkholm Forest and Dragerup Forest. At the Munkholm Bridge you can try angling, because it is a really good place for both beginners and practiced anglers. By the Munkholm bridge, you will also find a great ice-cream shop. For kayakers, this is a great place to set your kayak into the water. On a kayak trip in this area, you might be lucky to experience seals, harbour porpoises and lots of different kinds of birds. If you cross the bridge you will come to Ryegaard Estate, which in addition to having a nice ice cream shop, café and farm shop, also has a large park.



The southernmost park of the Isefjord is a great place for camping holidays with your family. Along the coast you will find two lovely campsites.

The campsite Tempelkrogens Family Camping is located on the side of a hill, so everyone has a view of the beautiful fjord. It is a child-friendly campsite with a big outdoor pool, a playground, canoe rental and a lot of fun activities for children.

Close to Dragerup forest and overlooking Holbæk Marina and the fjord, you will find CampOne Holbæk Fjord. This campsite has a large indoor pool as well as wellness experiences like massages, yoga, a spa-pool and playgrounds.

Tempelkrogen Family Camping

Family-friendly camping with a view of the fjord.

CampOne Holbæk Fjord

Camping with wellness and fjord.

Golf by the fjord

East of Holbæk, you will find Holbæk Golf Club, where you can play golf on the coast of the fjord. Here, players are challenged by the wind from the fjord and in some places, you even have to shoot the ball over the water. A beautiful golf course with unique views of the fjord.

Holbæk Marina

East of Holbæk, you will also find Holbæk Marina, where sailors can dock with their yacht. Here, you can go swimming in the fjord, eat ice-cream or have dinner in Restaurant Vadestedet.

Tasty experiences

The shores of the Isefjord are full of delicious flavors - also at Tempelkrogen and Dragerup, east of Holbæk. Stock up your kitchen with fresh, organic food from the farm shops in the organic farm Birthesminde and in the Ryegaard Estate. On the eastern side of the Munkholm Bridge you will also find the the historical inn Skoemagerkroen, which in 2019 won the title of Zealand's Best Restaurant. If you would like to meet the locals, you can eat dinner with the locals in Spisestedet Tjebberup

The organic farm Birthesminde

Organic farm with a passion for sustainability.

The historical inn Skoemagerkroen

Skoemagerkroen is the best restaurant on Zealand, combining great food, tranquility, nature and tradition.

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