Eat with the locals in Holbæk  - dinner gatherings

Eat with the locals in Holbæk

Photo: Hotel Sidesporet

Eat with the locals in Holbæk – and meet the Danes! In Holbæk there are dinner gatherings throughout the year, where you can eat good food and meet others in n informal setting.

Dinner gather in Holbæk with food made by refugees

Every week refugees voluntarily share homemade food from their home country. You can taste the food by joining the weekly dinner gathering, where the food is served. In the summer, this takes place on Filmtorvet 1, 4300 Holbæk. In the winter it is moved indoor (please see Hotel Sidesporet's website).  

There are only 65 tickets each Thursday. 

  • Price: DKK 75 for adults and DKK 30 for children under 12. 
  • You will get a healthy and tasy meal. 
  • Arrival: 18.00
  • Please, clean up after yourself

Dinner with the locals at Spisestedet Tjebberup

The café Spisestedet Tjebberup is a cosy café with a modern feel to it. Every wednesday and friday, you can come to "dinner with the locals" and meet the Danes. Different food is served each time, ranging from traditional Danish and Scandinavian dishes to international dishes.  

  • Price: DKK 130 per person
  • Last sign up is the day before.

Dinner gathering in Tølløse

In Café No1 in the village Tølløse, in West Zealand, there is a dinner gathering every thursday. Sign up in the café, no later than the previous thursday, or call: +45 24 60 80 92.  

  • Price for adults: DKK 40-50 
  • Price for children between 6-14: DKK 20-25 
  • Children under 6: Free
  • You can buy drinks in the café