The park Strandparken

Instagrammer @runranaways favorite places in Holbæk

Photo: @runranaway | Ran Neza

Instagrammer @runranaway took over VisitHolbæk’s Instagram account for a week, and shared some of her favorite places in Holbæk.

Holbæk Fjord

One of her favorite places is Holbæk Fjord. In her picture of the fjord, the sun is on its way down behind the horizon, and all of the clouds are colored violet. She tells a lot about what she thinks about Holbæk in general, but also a bit about herself. “Hi everyone! My name is Raneza and I am the account owner of @runranaway. Denmark in general is truly a remarkable country — Its people, culture and spirit is just incredible. And the City of Holbæk as my home for over a year now is my favorite. Everything that I’ve witnessed and saw for the first time I set foot in this town are still astounding to me,” she writes.

Sankt Nikolai church

Another place Raneza visited in her week on adventure in Holbæk is Sankt Nikolai church. And she has taken a pretty photo from there. “Have you heard the church bells ringing today? And do you ever wonder where they come from?” she asks. “When you’re around town and hear the sound of the bells ringing, take a good look around you and you’ll definitely see its attractive tower.”

The park Knudskovpark

Raneza also often goes by the park Knudskovpark. The photo she took is really pretty, even though it looks a bit cold. She tells a lot about why exactly it’s one of her favorite places. “Have you been to the forest lately? Even when the trees looked dead they’re really not. They’re in the state of hibernation getting ready for spring. Right now, we can hear the birds singing too. You can also see the squirrels climbing, playing, or running around the trees if you walk silently. The quietness, peacefulness and calmness you can feel when you’re here is what keeps me coming back to this place,” she tells.


Another of Raneza’s favorite places is Strandparken, where she took this beautiful picture an early morning, on a walk down by the water. “Here is one of the people’s favorite picnic spots in Holbæk. Its serene atmosphere while enjoying not just this view but also the beautiful sunset when it goes down and the birds flying and singing around is what makes this place a must-visit spot,” she writes.

The Fjord

“Did you miss the beautiful sunset yesterday? Here’s one we can always look back in to,” Razena writes about the romantic picture of the sunset over the fjord.

The sea mine station

Raneza visits the sea mine station as another of her favorite places. She writes, “5 km east of Holbæk City center and west side of Isefjorden in Dragerup lies the former naval station.” At last she adds that, “With a view of the fjord, it is such a beautiful place to have a picnic and to travel back in time.”

Holbæk Harbor

The last place Raneza tells about is Holbæk Harbor. She tells a lot about why this is her favorite place, and how it has been to take over the instagram account. “Ending this week’s takeover with this attractive place I love the most about Holbæk — the harbor. If you ask me why you should visit this town, I’ll say that it’s not just because of the amazing places but also because of its very welcoming and kind people. They will always make you feel like you’re at home,” she writes as the ending thing about Holbæk.