Spring at Løserup on the peninsula Tuse Næs in West Zealand

Spring in Holbæk by Isefjord

Photo: Anne Skarbye

Cherry blossoms, anemones, yellow rapeseed fields and red poppy fields. In the countryside of Holbæk, Spring is a sea of colours and a feast for the eyes. 

Why explore Spring in Holbæk?

In Spring everything blooms. The landscape is covered in a carpet of yellow rapseed fields, red poppies and purple chives; pink cherry blossoms decorate the branches of the trees; and a sea of white anemones spread in the woods.

Farm shops open with organic vegetables, fresh berries, delicious meat and homemade specialties; bicycles are prepared for the seasonal opening of the bicycle route "Around the Isefjord with 4 ferries", and several of the year's top events awaits - and ontop of that, it's soon time for Easter holidays.

Flower hunting in Holbæk

In Spring, it's finally time to explore nature again, afrer a long and cold winter with grey landscapes, a bunch of café visits and lots of indoor Danish hygge. Make the most out of Spring in the beautiful countryside by the coast of the Danish fjord Isefjord, where the landscapes are painted with different shades of yellow, red, purple, pink and white. Here are the best places to go flower hunting in Holbæk.

Yellow rapseed fields and other Spring flowers in Tuse Næs

Go hiking and cycling on the peninsula Tuse Næs, in North West Zealand, where the Spring landscapes are covered in yellow rapseed fields, red poppies and purple chives. Find walks on Tuse Næs.

A sea of anemones in the woods of West Zealand

In West Zealands a Spring walk in the woods will often involve a beautiful sea of white anemones. You can, for example, visit Dragerup forest, East of Holbæk, go on the hiking trip around the lake Skarresø, which is surrounded by woods, or head North to the forest Bognæs on the peninsula Tuse Næs.

Rhododendron in the park, Naturkirkegården, in Holbæk

Would you rather experience a more unique Spring flower? Then visit the park Naturkirkegården in Holbæk, which in Spring is in full bloom with pink, purple and white Rhododendron.

Easter in Holbæk by Isefjord

Celebrate Easter in Holbæk, which apart from the beautiful landscapes, also offers a lots of fun Easter activities for the entire family. Experience life in the idyllic countryside by visiting the local farms and seeing all their animals, for example, the organic farm Birthesminde; participate in fun activities by the farm shops, which will be full of delicious specialties for Easter lunches; treat your kids with a wellness experience, when the unique Turkish bath opens for children in the Easter holidays; be creative at the Easter workshops in Æglageret and Holbæk Museum; or go egg hunting in the so-called Alps of Zealand at Brorfelde Observatory. Plan your easter in Holbæk.

But easter is also for adults! You can look forward to all the delicious easter lunches in Holbæk's restaurants and inns.

Spring events in Holbæk

Spring is the time of the year, when all the tourist attractions open for a long summer season - often with lots of exciting events. This is your guide to Spring events in Holbæk.

The historical village Nyvang

The seasonal opening of the historical village Nyvang, marks the beginning of a new season full of family events. Each year, guests can relive history through interactive experiences, which allow you to explore the history of Denmark. Here, you can experience the occupation and liberation of Denmark during the 2nd World War - through fun activities, of course. The events at Nyvang will take you back in time, to time of vintage cars, to the rebellious youth of the 1960s, to the life of children in the 1940s and to food culture in the good old days.

SKVULP – a cultural harbour festival

Every year, the harbour of Holbæk becomes full of life, when the SKVULP festival takes place. Two days of free concerts, activities and lots of market stalls on the beautiful harbour of Holbæk.

Open by night in Holbæk

Open by night is annual events, where the streets of Holbæk are filled with concerts, markets and lots of good offers in the shops. On this summer night all shops are open until 22pm (normally, they are open until approx. 5.30pm).

Spring Art

In Spring, during Pentecost, more than 100 artists and galleries open their doors, so people can explore the diversity of art in West Zealand. The event is free.

Midsummer celebrations by the Isefjord

The midsummer celebration, on the 23rd of June, is one of the most beautiful traditions in Denmark. Every year, it is celebrated with bonfires everywhere in West Zealand, as well as events with live music. In Holbæk, you can experience the midsummer celebration the the park, Holbæk Strandpark, where a bonfire is lit in the fjord, so everyone can enjoy the beautiful view of the fjord. There will also be live music, and you can begin the evening with dinner on the outdoor terrace of Hotel Strandparken.

Seasonal opening of the bicycle trip around the Isefjord with 4 ferries

April is the seasonal opening of the most beautiful bicycle, motorcycle and car route on Zealand: Around the Isefjord with 4 ferries. The route follows the cycling path Fjordstien around the Isefjord and across the Island Orø, and is connected by 4 ferries. Take the trip on any day between april and the end of september.