Summer in Holbæk by Isefjord

Photo: Joe Kniesek, Torben Papillon og Ryegaard Gods

Spend summer in Holbæk by the coasts of the Danish fjord Isefjord, where your daily life will be full of relaxation, nature and Danish hygge. 

Why spend summer in Holbæk?

With more than 100 km of the calm and beautiful coasts of the fjord, including the island Orø, Holbæk is the perfect place to spend the summer - and it's only one hour from Copenhagen! The landscape is diverse with forests, lakes and the fjord, so it's easy to find relaxing places, where you can chill and get a break from you busy everyday life. In Holbæk, you'll find everything from Turkish inspired wellness by the fjord to bicycle routes along the coast, stargazing at an old observatory, the charming village Nyvang, where history is relived, and sunsets over a calm fjord.  

This is your guide to a great summer in Holbæk by Isefjord. 

The calm beaches of the fjord

In summer it can get get quite varm in Denmark, but in Holbæk, you can often enjoy the cold breeze form the fjord. There's an abundance of beaches along the coast of the fjord, and often you can be lucky to have the beach for yourself. 

In oppose to the ocean, the fjord is almost always calm, so you'll find lots of child-friendly beaches in Holbæk, where the entire family can enjoy the chill life by the fjord. 

If you love water sports, the fjord is the place-to-be! Here you can go kayaking, angling, try paddleboarding (SUP) with Fjordlandet Outdoor or go on boat trips on the wooden ship Emma or aferry.

You might even say that a holiday in Holbæk is a beach holiday with beaches like the city beaches, which most unusually faces the city; the sandy, golden beaches on the island Orø or the harbour bath, Venedig

Summer in the harbour city Holbæk

Summer in Holbæk is summer with lots of time to chill. In the summer, you will experience the best side of life by the fjord. From the city's beach, you can see the city skyline. Along the coast of the fjord, you'll find a unique wellness experience: Holbæk's Turkish bath, where you can relax in warm water in outdoor pools with a view of the fjord. Next to this, you'll find the harbour bath, Søbadet Venedig, from which you can plunge directly into the fjord. Along the charming harbour of Holbæk all the docks are lined with old, wooden ships

During the summer, it's definitely worth while booking a table in one of the restaurants in Holbæk with a view of the fjord. In the narrow streets of the city center there are plenty of bars and cafés to explore. In summer, a walk along the harbour will also take you to a weekly gathering of vintage cars. From the harbour you can also go join an Isefjord-Cruise on the ferry or a sunset sailing trip on the wooden ship Emma. 

Outdoor life by the fjord

The fjord is a paradise for outdoor-enthusiasts. The bicycle route, Fjordstien, runs along the entire coast of the Isefjord and is connected with four ferries. The glacial landscape, surrounding Holbæk, home to some of the tallest hills of Zealand. All the hills, lakes and woods make it a perfect place for bicycle and hiking routes, for example on the peninsula Tuse Næs. Get far away from city life and explore the the beautiful Danish nature. Spend the night in a shelter, where you can feel fresh air in your hair and hear the birds sing. On the hiking trial around the lake Skarresø, you can even be lucky to see sea eagles. 

Farm shops in Holbæk, West Zealand

Fill a picnic basket with fresh fruit, organic vegetables and organic meat from the farm shops by Holbæk in West Zealand. Here you can buy all the great products that are delivered to local restaurants. Many of the farm shops also offer local specialties, such as organic apple cider from Tuse Næs or sustainable honey from the beekeeper on the island Orø. If you love organic products, then a visit to the organic farm andfarm shop Bithesminde, is definitely recommended.