Boy and father angling in Isefjord

Angling in the Isefjord

Photo: Fishing Zealand

Are you looking for the best angling places on Zealand? Pack your fishing gear and head off to the southern coasts of the Isefjord, by the city Holbæk. Here, you’ll find some of the cleanest waters in Denmark with good possibilities of cathing something all year around.

You can almost feel it without even being there: The silence, the sum from a bee, the tiny splashes of water, a butterfly zooming past, rising excitement, and a line in the water, which calmly awaits the catch of the day.

The best places for angling on Zealand

By the southern coast of the Danish fjord Isefjord, you'll find some of the best places for angling on Zealand. Here, you'll have good possibilities of catching something all year around. Additionally, there are angling places that great for both beginning and practiced. The water in Isefjord is also some of the cleanest waters in Denmark. 

Fish in the Isefjord

For many years, there has been lots of herring in Isefjord. It was actually fishing that was the reason why the harbour town of Holbæk grew into the largest city in North West Zealand. 

But the fjord is also home to lots of other fish. It is a great place for sea trouts, hornfish, mackerel, flatfish and mullets.

Where can you go angling in Isefjord?

One of the very good angling places in Isefjord is by the Munholm bridge by the most southern part of the Isefjord. This area is a great place for both beginners and practiced anglers - so the entire family can go angling by the Munkholm bridge. Please note that angling is not allowed by the Munkholm bridge between 16th September and 15th January.

Map of angling places in Isefjord

There are many great places for angling in Isefjord, but also several places where angling is not allowed. Use this map of Isefjord to find out, where angling is not allowed

The angling competition Fjordlandet Open

Every year in March/April and in September/Octoberthe angling competition Fjordlandet Open takes place in Holbæk. It is a voluntary catch & release coast competition, where contestants compete to catch the longest sea trout in Isefjord and Roskilde fjord. In the competition you will experience angling in the some of the cleanest waters in Denmark, meet other anglers and get the chance to win amazing prizes. 

Questions about angling in Isefjord

Get tips and advice about angling in Isefjord in the local gear shop, Pro Outdoor in Holbæk. 

Remember the angling permit

In Denmark, everyone between 18 and 65 must have a valid angling permit. It costs DKK 185 per year, DKK 130 for a week and DKK 40 for a day. You can buy the permit online: (it cannot be bought in Holbæk).