Dogs running on the beach on Tuse Næs

14 beaches and places to swim in Holbæk by Isefjord

Photo: Jens Ole Nielsen

Time for a swim? Grab your towel, sunscreen and everything else that you’ll need for a nice day in the water. Here is a map of all the best beaches and piers by Holbæk in Isefjord.

Map of beaches in and around Holbæk

With the beautiful coast of the Isefjord on all sides, it is wonderfully easy to find a great place to go swimming in Holbæk. Even in Holbæk, there are several places to go for a swim. You can plunge into the fjord at the harbour bath, Søbadet Venedig or go to the city beach, from which you, most unusually, can enjoy the city skyline. But there are also many hidden beach in the countryside outside of Holbæk. In these places, you might be lucky to have the entire beach for yourself.

Download: Map of beaches in and around Holbæk.

Beaches and places to swim on Tuse Næs

Tuse Næs is a great place for people who love hiking in diverse landscapes, but it's also a wonderful place for people who love beaches and piers, from which they can jump into the fjord. If you follow the shores of the peninsula Tuse Næs you will almost always be close to a beautiful beach or pier. There are a lot of piers on Tuse Næs, for example at Tobjerg, Bognæs and Strandgården and Løserup beach. If you prefer sandy beaches, then visit Løserup beach, Kisserup beach and even Hørby harbour, where there is also a small beach.  

#1 Strandgården, Tuse Næs

#2 Tobjerg beach, Tuse Næs

#3 Kisserup beach, Tuse Næs

#4 Løserup beach, Tuse Næs

#5 Bognæs beach, Tuse Næs

#6 Hørby Harbour, Tuse Næs


Swimming and beaches in Holbæk

Explore all the different places to swim in Holbæk with your family. The little kids will love the shallow waters at Holbæk's city beach, and older kids will love jumping in the waves in the harbour bath, Søbadet Venice, or at Krags Brygge. 

A bit outside of Holbæk, you can go for a dip at Holbæk Marina, where there is pier with a ladder down to the water. There are also two mini-beaches in Holbæk: One by the street Strandmøllevej in Holbæk and one by Søminestationen in Dragerup forest, where there is a nice pebbled beach with tables and benches. 

#7 The harbour bath, Søbadet Venedig, Holbæk

#8 Holbæk's city beach

#9 Filmtorvet/Kragsbrygge, Holbæk

#10 The mini-beach, Strandmøllevej, Holbæk

#11 Holbæk Marina, Mole 13

#12 The mini-beach by Søminestation, Dragerup Forest

Swimming on the island Orø

It is an essential part of every island holiday, to go for a swim on the island's sandy, golden beaches - also on the island Orø in Isefjord. On Orø, you can go swimming on the harbour and on the sandy beach by the campsite, Orø Strandcamping. A 20 minute ferry ride from Holbæk's harbour will take you to the harbour of Orø. 

#13 Orø harbour

#14 Orø beach

Indoor swimming for cold days

You can always go for a swim in Holbæk - even when the weather is not up for it. Visit Holbæk Sports City, where there are big indoor swimming pools and swimming areas for children, or visit the outdoor swimming pool in Ugerløse, where the water is warm. 

Holbæk Sportsby, Sports Allé 1 4300 Holbæk

Ugerløse Friluftsbad Hovedgade 50 B 4350 Ugerløse