Horse riding on the peninsula Tuse Næs in West Zealand

Horse riding

Photo: Susanne Dannerhøj Hansen

Go horse riding by Holbæk in the beautiful woods of West Zealand and by the coast of the Isefjord. Both you and your horse will riding through the forests in West Zealand, where you will often have it all for yourselves. Explore some of the most beautiful horse rides on Zealand.

Horse riding in Bognæs forest, Tuse Næs

On the peninsula Tuse Næs, right by the shores of the fjord, you'll find the forest Bognæs, where you may go horse riding on all the paths and streets. Bognæs forest is one of the natural gems of Denmark with a view of the fjord, beaches, grazing cows and beautiful flowers. 

Horse riding in Mosemark forest, Tuse Næs

In Mosemark forest there is a riding path of 3 ½ km. The forest is different than other woods. Here the trees have been planted with quite a bit of distance between each tree. It is a so-called "seed forest", which will be used to make more forests in Denmark. There are also beautiful views of Tuse Næs and Holbæk fjord in the forest.

Horse riding in the park Holbæk Fælled

Beautiful grasslands, water holes and small forests. These are just some of the experiences that await you on a horse ride through the park, Holbæk Fælled, in Holbæk. Please follow the red signes and ride along the side of established paths. Download the map below to see where you may ride.

Horse ridning in Dragerup forest

Dragerup Forest is a private forest, which is beautifully situated by the coast of the fjord Isefjord. Please note that you must have a "riding permit" to ride in forests - contact the Humleore Forest District to get one. With the permit, riding is allowed on car-roads.   

Horse ridning in Løveborg forest

Løveborg Forest is a private forest. Therefore, you must have a riding permit to be allowed to ride in the forest. The beautiful red castle, Løvenborg, is surrounded by 550 acres of forest and a beautiful garden. The forest is very diverse with many different trees, including beech, oak, and Christmas trees.