Kayak in Isefjord

Go kayaking by Holbæk and the southern coast of the Isefjord in West Zealand. The fjord is a perfect place for kayaking, because there are many coasts and islands to explore. In a kayak you can experience the fjord from its most beautiful side.

The best kayak trips on Zealand

In the southern part of the Isefjord, you will find some of the best kayaking trips on Zealand. With many shores, the peninsula Tuse Næs and the island of Orø, there is plenty to explore. The beautiful landscape will give you unforgettable kayak trips - and here, anyone can try kayaking. In the fjord, the wind conditions are often better than out at sea, so everyone in the family can have a completely natural experience out on the water.

The fjord Isefjord is 35 km long with a total area of 300 km2, so there are many opportunities for a kayaker.

Guided kayak trip in Isefjord

Would you like to try kayaking? Even if you have not taken the IPP2 kayak course, you can experience kayaking in the Isefjord by booking a guided kayak trip. The guides will choose the best areas for you and make sure that you feel safe, so you can enjoy the trip. 

Kayak trips in Holbæk Fjord and Isefjord

Around Tuse Næs in a kayak

Distance: 20-25 km

If you are on the peninsula Tuse Næs, it is easy to find a place, where you can put your kayak into the water. Tuse Næs is especially beautiful because of its hilly landscape, beautiful forests and many beaches. 

Map of the trip

Kayak trip by the fjord of the harbour porpoises 

Distance: 25-30 km

Explore the southernmost coasts of the Isefjord in a kayak - all the way down to the Munkholm Bridge and area called Tempelkrogen. The name of the Isefjord comes from the old word for harbour porpoises (iser), which you may be lucky to experience in this part of the fjord. There is also a rich bird life and sometimes seales in this area. The landscape is very diverse and it is especially a beautiful kayak trip in autumn, when the landscape will be full of all the bright autumn colours. 

1. stage: Munkholmbroen – Vellerup Vig, approx. 10 km.

2. stage: Vellerup Vig – Marinestationen, by Dragerup forest, approx. 10 km.

3. stage: Marinestationen – Munkholmbroen approx. 5 km.

4. stage: Tempelkrogen, approx. 6 km.

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Kayak trip around the island Orø

Distance: 20-25 km

Take this kayak trip in one day or spend the night in a tent in Bognæs forest on the peninsula of Tuse Næs. The trip takes the you through a beautiful and uninhabited area, where there are good chances of seeing seals, harbour porpoises, falcons and many other birds. The route also has many beautiful places to take a break along the way and there are a lot of great places to eat on the island.

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Kayak trip from Holbæk to Rørvig

Distance: 60 km

Discover the beauty of the Isefjord and go kayaking from the Southern end of the fjord to the Northern end, from Holbæk to Rørvig. The trip can be divided into three stages with a night in a tent in Kongsøre forest. Experience the dam the peninsula Tuse Næs, the forest Bognæs on the coast of the fjord and a rich bird life. In severe winds, some parts of this route can be very challenging.

You can choose different destinations for this trip if you want to make it shorter:

1. trip: Holbæk - Kongsøre, approx. 15 km.

2. trip: Kongsøre - Nykøbing: approx. 25 km.

3. trip: Nykøbing - Rørvig, approx 30 km.

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Kayak clubs by Holbæk Fjord