Wooden ships in the harbour of Holbæk

Maritime sightseeing in Holbæk

Photo: Børge Pedersen

Walk in the footsteps of Denmark's maritime heritage on Holbæk's harbour. Along each dock of the harbour, you'll see one beautiful and historic, wooden ship after another. Go on boat trips in old ships and experience the restoration of the magnificent ships first-hand. 

Wooden ships on the harbour of Holbæk

Head to Holbæk harbour and discover historic, two-masted ketches, old fishing boats with masts and sails, and a lot of other ships. The harbour is home to about 20 wooden ships. It is the first habour in Denmark to introduce a free scheme for old, wooden ships.


Restoration of the ship Anna Møller

Currently, the National Museum of Denmark is restoring the 110-year-old ketch Anna Møller on Holbæk's harbour. Come inside and see the restoration with your own eyes, monday to friday, 10am - 2pm. 

The tanning pot on Holbæk habour 

On the harbour of Holbæk, you might notice a tall square structure, which looks like a white chimney. But it is actually a traditional tanning pot, which was used more than 100 years ago to impregnate sails and fishing nets made of natural materials, so they would not rot too quickly.

Stocks in Holbæk Habour

Every year, the ships must be placed on stocks, ie. be taken ashore, to be cleaned and repared. Holbæk's harbour has two stocks, and one of them can carry ships of up to 120 tons. Therefore, each time you visit the harbour, you might be lucky to experience the full size of one or more of the ships if they have been placed on stock.

Boat trips on the ship Emma

Every summer, you have the opportunity to experience boat trips and fishing trips on the old wooden ship and fishing boat Emma. During the autumn holidays there are also fishing trips for children, where children can learn to fish.

Sailing trips on the ketch Hjalm

If you have the courage, you can join a very unique sailing trip on the 100-year-old ketch Hjalm. Every year, there are several different trips to choose between in different parts of Denmark. On some of the trips you will even experience how it is to spend the night on the old ship. 

The center for Coastal Life in Holbæk

In 2019, Holbæk's center for coastal life opened, which will help convey the story of Denmark's maritime heritage. Here you will be able to learn about the construction of old wooden ships. Currently, the center is only open to larger groups. Please contact them to arrange a guided tour. Phone: +45 6127 0065 or +45 2279 5833.