Wooden ships in the harbour of Holbæk

Sailing to Holbæk Fjord

Photo: Børge Pedersen

Come sailing to Isefjord and sail into the harbours in Holbæk Fjord, where there are many nice marinas. Holbæk’s unique, old harbour oozes sailor nostalgia with row after row of old, wooden ships, and in the other harbours sailors relax in nearby restaurants and explore nearby attractions.

Explore the beautiful Danish fjord Isefjord by boat. There are many charming harbours to explore in Isefjord. Especially in the southern end of the fjord, where the water is still deep, the atmospheric harbours are surrounded by great places to eat, attractions and beautiful landscapes. 

Practical info about docking in the harbours of Holbæk fjord (Danish).

Holbæk's old harbour

Sail down to one of the most southern harbours in Isefjord, where historical, wooden ships stand side by side modern yachts. The old harbour of Holbæk oozes sailor nostalgia, because the harbour is home to more than 20 old, wooden ships. Discover Denmark's maritime heritage: go on sailing trips on the wooden ship Emma or the ketch Hjalm; and experience the restoration of the ketch Anna Møller


Holbæk's new harbour

Dock in the new harbour of Holbæk, where you will be close to the city center and the charming old harbour with lots of wooden ship. This harbour has room for larger vessels, but there is also a floating bridge for smaller boats.

Holbæk Marina

East of Holbæk, you'll find Holbæk Marina, which is surrounded by natural beauty. As you sail through Holbæk fjord towards the marina, you can get close to the beautiful, small islands south of the bigger island Orø. On Holbæk marina, there is a restaurant, a kiosk and a ice cream shop. Nearby, you will find Holbæk Golf Club, where there is also a very nice restaurant, CampOne Holbæk Fjord, where there are several wellness facilities and a big pool. 

Orø harbour

Experience island life on the harbour of Orø, which is located on the southern end of the island. Here you will experience the cozy laid-back harbour atmosphere that characterizes the life of a small island. On the harbour you can buy food and ice cream in the kiosk, go for a swim or rent bicycles from the local tourist information (only in summer).

Hørby harbour 

North of Holbæk harbour is Hørby Harbour on the idyllic peninsula Tuse Næs. The harbour is surrounded by a beautiful and hilly landscape with many good bicycle and hiking routes. Free bikes can be rented at Tuse Næs.