Holbæk Theatre

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Vimmelskaftet 27

4300 Holbæk



Phone:59 43 17 77



There are theatre plays to suit every taste at Holbæk Theatre the largest theatre on Zealand, outside of Copenhagen. Every year, thousands of people meet for a rainbow of great experiences in Holbæk Theatre. So swing by and experience theater in a rich atmosphere and unique settings. 

Open air theatre in Holbæk Museum

Every summer Holbæk Theatre has an open air theatre in Holbæk Museum, where you will be surrounded by the museum's beautiful, historical buildings. The play is always a comedy. However, it is played in Danish, so please contact Holbæk Museum to find out how much you are likely to understand. 

The language of the theatre plays

Please see Holbæk Theatre's website to find details about the language of the plays or contact the theatre to find out, how much of the play you are likely to understand. 


Vimmelskaftet 27

4300 Holbæk

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