Mørkøv Church

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Kirkevej 10

4440 Mørkøv



Visit the church of Mørkøv, a historic masterpiece

The Church of Mørkøv has several wall paintings that are true masterpieces. One was donated by the Isefjord Workshop 1460-80. It depicts the crucifixion with motive states the words of the thief on the Cross and the answer from Jesus, depicted in tapestry.

The murals of the Church of Mørkøv are in very clear and refreshing colours which is due to the late uncovering with use of more effective and gentle methods.

The church of Mørkøv was built in the year 1200, yet there is little left of the original building today. Already in the 13th century the chapel in the north and the porch in the south were added. 

Between 1460-80 the Isefjord Workshop painted several of the wall paintings in the church. On four of the arched ceilings the original decorations is almost preserved.

The alter is a Gothic revival, in which there is a painting signed by AJ (August Jerndorf) in 1873. The painting depicts Christ, blessing the children. 

In the church, you will also notice several old gravestones from the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century. 


Kirkevej 10

4440 Mørkøv


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