Around the Isefjord by bike and ferries

Cycle around the Isefjord and take four ferry trips

You will hardly find an area in Denmark with greater and more varied natural beauty than the landscape by the fjord, Isefjord, with miles and miles of sandy beaches, forests and parks, manors and churches, villages and towns, as well as its many galleries, sights and attractions. 

Although the trip is mainly used as a cycling route, many also take the trip by car, motorcycle or even on foot. 

Cycling on in the forest | Copywrite VisitHolbæk

Follow the cycling path "Fjordstien"

Cycling around the Isefjord is a treat for all the senses. The Isefjord is connected by four ferries, so while cycling around the fjord, you will experience the fjord by land and water. Follow the 100 km long cycling path Fjordstien around the Isefjord and take the four ferries along the way.

You can choose to start wherever you want. Just ask for tickets to "the 4 Ferries" when you make it to the first ferry.

Cykel på Fjordstien | Copywrite VisitHolbæk

The four ferries of the Isefjord

The Isefjord is connected by the following ferries. Please use the links to find the time tables for each ferry: 

Sunset on the Isefjord | Copywrite Østre Ferry

Tickets for the four ferries

When buying tickets for the four ferries, you must buy one ticket per vehicle and one per person.

A bicycle ticket is for example DKK 20 and a ticket for a person is DKK 90, so in total you will pay DKK 110, which will give you one trip on each of the four ferries. Please find the prices further down on this page.  

The island Orø | Copywrite Visit Orø

Maps of the cycling path Fjordstien

Use the website to find your way around the Isefjord or search for the app "Friluftsguiden" on your mobile device.

Please note that the cycling path Fjordstien also goes around Roskilde Fjord, so make sure to make the right turns, if you want to experience the trips on the four ferries.

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact VisitHolbæk's tourist information:

Phone: +45 59 43 11 31


You are also welcome to visit VisitHolbæk's Tourist Information on Ahlgade 1C, 4300 Holbæk, where you can find free brochures about the trip around the fjord (or download it here). Please be aware that the tourist information is self-serviced.

Opening hours

29/03/2018 - 30/09/2018 Monday - Sunday

Admission Price


90.00 DKK

Children (4-12 år)

45.00 DKK

Bicycle (excl. the driver)

20.00 DKK

Motorcycle (excl. the driver)

120.00 DKK

Car (excl. the driver)

175.00 DKK

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  • Faciliteter

    • Length in km. (100 km rundt om Isefjorden)
    • Marked cycling route (Følg skiltene "Fjordstien" eller "rute 40")
  • Theme

    • For the whole family
    • Nature experiences
    • Peace and wellbeing
  • Type

    • Walking tours
    • Sailing trips
    • Bicycle trips



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