Around the Isefjord by bike and ferries

Follow the cycling route Fjordstien around the Danish fjord Isefjord

Jump on your bicycle, into the car, onto your motorcycle/scooter or grab your hiking boots and experience all that the beautiful landcape, by one of the Danish fjords, has to offer, here in Holbæk, Odsherred, Frederikssund, Roskilde og Lejre. By following the signs for the cycling path Fjordstien, you will make your way all around the fjord Isefjorden and experience a stunning cycling route through a diverse landscape that is connected by four ferries, so you can experience the fjord both on land and on water. The 100 kilometer long cycle path will give you an amazing summer trip with friends and family.

You will hardly find a more beautiful and diverse landscape in Denmark, than by the fjord Isefjord, with kilometers of sandy beaches, forests, historical buildings, charming towns, local art galleries and many other attractions.


Find inspiration for the cycling route around the Isefjord

Along the route around the Isefjord, you will find many exciting attractions that are worth visiting. How about taking a break at one of the many art galleries i Holbæk, freshen up by eating at on of the local restaurants in Holbæk or on the half island Tuse Næs? If you are up for it, you can even take a short hiking trip through the diverse ice-age landscape by following one of the hiking paths on Tuse Næs. If you love outdoor activities and life by the fjord, then you will also love the many fun experiences by the fjord, such as kayaking, SUP-boarding, canoeing, beaches and all the boat trips. In the heart of the Isefjord, you will find the the island Orø, where you can experience life by the fjord. Go to the beach, be inspired at a local gallery or visit a brewery.

You are also welcome to collect the tourist brochure about the trip around the Isefjord, for example by visiting VisitHolbæk, Ahlgade 1C, 4300 Holbæk.


Where to sleep on the cycling path Fjordstien

An essential part of the trip around the Isefjord is experiencing the charming Danish harbour towns that have fully embraced the Danish concept of hygge. How about finding a Find, for eksempel, place to sleep in Holbæk, which is particularly known for all the historical wooden ships in the harbour, as well as the many der især kendetegnes ved sin historiske træskibshavn eller få en anderledes kunstoplevelse, ved finde de mange murals in Holbæk.


Timetables for the ferries on the Isefjord

The cycling route, Fjordstien, is connected by four ferries: The ferry between Rørvig and Hundested, between Kulhuse and Sølager, between Hammerbakke and Orø and between Orø and Holbæk.

It is easiest to buy tickets on the first ferry of the trip - just as for tickets to "the 4 ferries." You always pay for one tickets per person and one ticket per vehicle. For example: Two adults on bicycles: 2x adult tickets and 2x bicycle tickets, i.e. 2x90 + 2x20 = DKK 220.

One ticket to "the 4 ferries" will give you one trip on each of the ferries, in the order of your chosing. It is not necessary to take all four ferry trips in one day.

Tickets to "The Four Ferries" can also be purchased at the following tourist informations: VisitNordsjælland in Hundested, VisitOdsherred in Nykøbing Sjælland and VisitFrederikssund.

Validity: Tickets are valid from the 1st April 2019 to the 29th September 2019.

Refund: Tickets cannot be refunded.

Reserving seats: It is not necessary to reserve seats on the ferries.

Ferries that are out of service: Announced on the Facebook De 4 Færger.

Timetables: From Holbæk to Orø, (approx. 25 min. to cross), from Orø to Hammer Bakke, (approx. 6 min.), from Kulhuse to Sølager (approx. 10 min.), from Hundested to Rørvig, (approx. 30 min.)

Isefjorden rundt | Copywrite VisitHolbaek


Map of the cycling path Fjordstien in Denmark

Download a map of Fjordstien or use the app Bikemap

Click here to download a cycling map for Fjordstien or follow these guidelines to find a map in the app Bikemap.

1. Download the free app Bikemap - Map for Cykling
2. Click "Allow Bikemap to access your location".
3. Login with Facebook, Google or register yourself as a new user. Click "Agree".
4. Click "Where to?”: Write Holbæk, Denmark” and click on the location with the same name.
5. Click "De 4 Færger”" (it should be the first link).
6. Click "Navigate."

Buy maps of the cycling path Fjordstien

You can also buy physical maps of Fjordstien at Bog & Idé in Holbæk, VisitRoskilde or at VisitOdsherred.


Do you have any questions?

Contact us if you have any questions about the trip and about group tickets.

Phone: +45 59 43 11 31

Opening hours / Date

01/04/2019 - 30/09/2019 Monday - Sunday

Admission Price


90.00 DKK

Children (4-12 år)

45.00 DKK

Bicycle (excl. the driver)

20.00 DKK

Motorcycle (excl. the driver)

120.00 DKK

Car (excl. the driver)

175.00 DKK

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  • Faciliteter

    • Length in km. (100 km rundt om Isefjorden)
    • Marked cycling route (Følg skiltene "Fjordstien" eller "rute 40")
  • Theme

    • For the whole family
    • Nature experiences
    • Peace and wellbeing
  • Type

    • Walking tours
    • Sailing trips
    • Bicycle trips



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