Holiday in Holbæk by the fjords

Welcome to the land of the fjords - just an hour from Copenhagen

Experience the fjords on your holiday in Holbæk with endless coastal stretches, peaceful sandy beaches, stunning views and an abundance of cycling- and walking routes. Follow the cycle path "Fjordstien" that winds its way around the Isefjord or hop on board a 100 year old wooden ship and the 4 ferries that bind the landscape together.

Holbæk is surrounded by cosy, idyllic villages and farmshops. This city will indulge you with interactive museums, gourmet restaurants and exciting, unique souvenirs, as well as wellness and a turkish bath.

Find renewed energy and share experiences with your family on your journey through the land of the fjord.

Kort over Holbæk kommune i Nordvestsjælland | Ferie i Holbæk ved fjordlandet

Visit Denmark's Largest Star Observatory

Welcome to Brorfelde Observatory - the city of science, where astronomers, geologists and biologists explore the world around us. One of the places that helped mand-kind set foot on the moon. 

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